Vata dosha is first among tridosha formed out of vayu and akasha mahabhootas. it is the one which controls and moves other two doshas. the term vata is derived from dhatu "va" means movement and sensation. the centre of movement of vata in the body is pakvashaya. It posses properties such as rooksha, laghu, sheeta, khara, sukshma, chala etc.


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1. Why there is Ushnkamatva (Desire of hot) in Vaat Vridhi lakshanani?

Ans : In Vaat Vridhi there is increased in sheeta guna  so body demands its opposite guna that is ushna.

2. After ride of Meri Go Round Why we feel Vertigo?

Ans : Ride of Meri Go Round will increase Chala guna of Vayu in circular direction so increased Chala guna wii cause Vertigo and after taking rest Symptom subside automatically because taking rest means increased Sthir Guna  so medicine required.

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Sunita Devidas Shirsath

Sumedha Shirsath

Awesome presentation by Shirsath mam.For mediocre students like me,it is god gifted videos for understanding and applying principles of AYURVEDA in the daily life.Lot of Thanks for your work

Vimal shirsath

Dr Shirsath has presented the theme very nicely that every lay man could understand it. Thank you so much for your efforts.

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Aakanksha Yadav

Dipali Walmik Wagh

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Richa Dubey

Nice explanation. Can be understood very well. Thank you Mam

Medical Practitioners

Good explaination by Dr. Shirsath mam

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shweta s shukla

Very nycly explained everything by Dr.sirsath

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Pal Sanchi

All over good

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Sakshi pathak

This video is very useful... Especially when u find less time to study.. U can just hear this while travelling... And get concepts done!

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