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About the AYUSHGURU project
  • 21st Mar 2019
  • by Admin

About the AYUSHGURU project

AYUSHGURU is a comprehensive web portal dedicated to Ayurvedic education, in which all the subjects and topics to be studied for attaining a thorough Ayurvedic knowledge is incorporated. These will be corresponded through study materials, FAQs, Discussions etc as of now and virtual classrooms, e- workshops for giving practical exposure in the near future. 

Ayushguru is a one-stop online destination for authentic Ayurvedic wisdom, conceived and developed by eminent figures in Ayurvedic fraternity. The portal offers video classes on various topics conducted by Ayurvedic experts as per the current Ayurvedic curriculum, study materials, e-workshops, discussion boards etc. Special thrust is given to aid Ayurvedic students in their endeavour to complete their graduation with flying colours.

The project is supported by Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India and executed by Gujarat Ayurved University and World Ayurveda Foundation. We hope this project would adequately address the scarcity of qualified faculties in Ayurveda across the globe. 

Five main facets of the project :

a)Topics for school going students- which creates interest in Ayurveda.

b)Ayurveda based on B.A.M.S. syllabus- All the subjects in B.A.M.S. syllabus including all essential Ayurvedic segments will be detailed with study materials, video classes of expert teachers, assignments, e-workshops, animations(when and where required) and FAQs. There will be provisions for self-assessment and feedback also with each module. Quiz and tests are also planned.

c)Samhitapatanam- Under this the method one can study Samhita with the aid of video classes on proper recitation and meaning. 

d)Other topics of Ayurveda- Any topics that come under the perspective of education in Ayurveda, will feature under this section. 

e)Doubts and discussions- This acts as an open forum for online discussions among students and related experts.

Background :

Centuries of foreign invasions and colonial subjugation has destroyed the foundations of ethnic science streams, especially Ayurveda and its dissemination channels prevalent in our nation since time immemorial. Successive dispensations in post-independent India have failed miserably to address this issue which has been integral to the healthy fabric of our nation. It is high time that we make sufficient effort to make Ayurveda, a mainstream healthcare service. The first step towards this objective is to mould a generation of qualified practitioners well versed in authentic Ayurvedic wisdom.