Apara Nirman

When the orifices of minute artavaha srotas are occluded by growing fetal mass, menstruation stops, because of same cause. Unexpelled artava ascends up due to occlusion of downward passage and accumulates to form apara or jarayu. According to charaka the growing embryo is totally dependent on mother his instinct of hunger of hunger and thirst is fulfilled by asat and sat meaning thereby all the nutrition of the embryo is done by the process of upasneha and upsweda. The term sat and asat have been used for micro and macro villi of the primitive placenta and the term used in reference toplacental nutrition is through embryonic loma kupa which means tertiary villi through which the fetal nutrition is perform.


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1. Explain Apara nirmana in brief

Ans : Key Points:

  • Conception or impregnation Opening of artavavaha srotas
  • Obstruction Absence of artava(Menses) after conception
  • Upward direction of artava
  • Accumulation in the uterine cavity¬†leading to formation of Apara or Jarayu

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