Types Of Vatadosha

Based on the direction of movement and seat, vaata is considered as five. The type of vata moving forward, and centered at moordha is Praana. Udana is the one which is situated in urah and moves upwards. Samana is seated at koshta, maintains agni by its balancing movement, the type of vata, seated at hrudaya and circulating all over the body is termed Vyaana ans is responsible for thecirculation of rasa allover.apana vata is seated in shroni and moves downwards. 


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1. Patient came to your OPD with having history of recurrent abortions/ miscarriage or premature labour which type of vayu is vitiated in such patients

Ans : APAN VAYU because to hold foetus for appropriate time  in uterus and then deliver it at appropriate time is function of normal Apan Vayu if Apan Vayu get vitiated then  its function get disturbed so foetus may deliver before time or patient may not deliver on EDD.

2. Patient complaining of Memory loss which type of VAYU is vitiated?

Ans : memory is function of UdanVayu ,so whenever there is Memory loss we must think of vitiation of Udan Vayu.

3. Why there is sweating after exercise according to Ayurveda?

Ans : Exercise demands Rasa Rakta vikshepana so increased Vyan vayu activity is there and sweating is function of VyanVayu so increased Vyan activity also increases Sweating.

4. Patient suffering from Incontinence, dribbling of Urine what do you think Which Vayu is vitiated?

Ans : APAN VAYU because to hold Urine (Mutra)for appropriate time   and then initiate micturition reflex  at appropriate time is function of normal Apan Vayu if Apan Vayu get vitiated  patient may suffer from Incontinence, dribbling of Urine.

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