Dhaatu which is being continuously circulated in body is called rasa dhaatu. Jala mahaabhoota is predominantly present in rasa dhaatu. its centre is hrudaya. it is formed from ahara rasa by the action of rasagni. The rasa can be easily examined through tvak(skin).


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1. Write the difference between Aahararasa and rasa dhatu.

Ans : ·        State the points related with formation,circulation and action of agni.

2. Write about nirukti,site,qualities,metabolism functions and disorders of Rasa dhatu.

Ans : ·        State nirukti,site,qualities,metabolism , functions and  disorders of Rasa dhatu.

3. Write relation between hrudaya and dosha.

Ans : ·        Explain relation between hrudaya and prana vayu,udana vayu,vyana vayu,sadhak pitta ,avalambaka kapha.

4. Explain concept of dhatusarata & state its importance

Ans : ·        Explanation of concept and its importance in assessing strength, immunity,endurance,span of life, the quality of life.significance of sara assessment in pregnant woman,at birth,in healthy period and also in choosing proper career.

5. Write characteristics of rasa sara purusha and its clinical application.

Ans : ·        State the characteristics and its method of assessment and explain its application in daily clinical practice.

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