Development of idea of Research in Ayurveda

The fundamentals of Research in the form of  pariksha (examination) and parikshya bhaava (points of examination) .The Pramaana are the tools of valid knowledge and therefore essential tools for research activity. The Pratyaksha (Direct Observation), Anumaana (Inference) and Aaptopadesha (Authentic/unbiased narration) are the main tools. Some examples of Literary Research  in Ayurveda  includes- : Evolution of Charaka Samhitaa , Sushruta Samhitaa and Ashtaanga Hridayam/Samgraha . Similarly, drug research, Clinical research etc are available all through the documents. Journals , Books/Monographs, Full-length papers, Rapid/Short communication, Letters to the editor, Case reports, Technical or Laboratory notes etc. are different methods of publishing the research findings.


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1. How Journals help in research

Ans : Journals provide  the most up-to-date information. Every journal forms their specific standards of publication. Peer reviewed journals are more accepted in the scientific community. Established researches and proven facts are shared through such journals. Literary researches are also highly appreciated, depending on its relevance. A research becomes accepted globally, when it is published in a peer reviewed, international journal. Moreover, this probes in to further scope of research, and criticisms on the topic.

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