Concept of Dhatu

Dosha, dhaatu & mala are root factors of living body.Dhaatu - stabilizing pillars of the body. That which supports and nourishes the body is called dhaatu. Dhaatu are generated in intrauterine life. Due to continuous wear & tear process (metabolism),dhaatu get waned. Dhaatu are replenished by food, air & water daily. Prasada part of aahara rasa nourishes Dhaatu, upadhaatu.  Saara-kitta vibhaajana is carried out by jaatharagni in mahaa srotas and by dhaatvagni in dhaatuvaha srotas. 


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1. Explain role of dhatu in health and disease.

Ans : Key Points:
1. Importance of equilibrium state of dhaatu in definition of swastha
Importance in maintaining immunity with respect to dosha vitiation

2. Explain ashrayashrayi bhava with its physiological importance.

Ans : Key Points:
1. Explanation of concept
2. I
mportance in assessing functions of dosha,dhatu ,mala and application in knowing pathophysiology and treatment.

3. Explain different theories of dhatu nourishment and their practical application.

Ans : 1. Reference of theories related to dhatuposhana
2. Importance in knowing metabolism, pathogenesis and action of treatment

4. State the significance of knowing Ahara Parinati Kala.

Ans : 1. To understand duration & effect of cikitsaa (treatment) of particular dhaatu. ·       
2. Give some examples.

5. Explain ksheerdadhi nyaya and state its drawbacks and satisfaction.

Ans : ·        Explain the theory.
Mention the drawbacks and its justification with examples

6. Explain Aashraya Aashrayi Bhava Of Rakta And Pitta

Ans : ·        Concept of Ashrayashrayi Bhava between rakta and pitta. ·        Explain the significance with examples.

7. State relation of dhatuguna with dhatu vikruti

Ans : ·        Genesis of dhatus from panchamahabhuta.
·        State the qualities accordingly and its significance in maintaining dhatusamya.  

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