Dosha in General

The term kriyaa means karma / activity / function / movement / action.The study of different natural functions or activity of the body is called as kriyaa shaareera.According to ayurved, dosha dhatu mala are basic of body. Dosha is termed so, to remind us about its tendency to get vitiated and cause disease. Doshaas are formed by pancamahaabhutaas. They are only three because, they only vitiate themselves and other factors too in the body. When vaata pitta kapha are imbalanced, they vitiate the other dhatus, updhatus and malas. Dosha as are located in the whole body to perform various functions / activities and support the body. But they are centered at some areas, by treating where, doshha in the whole body gets subsided. They are taken as the seat of dosha. When dosha gets vitiated, these seats are affected first, and  more severely. Vaata, pitta and kapha are shaareerika dosha. Manasa dosha are raja and tama. When vaata pitta kapha are imbalanced, they vitiate the other dhatus, updhatus and malas. General actions of each dosha ,  vata is responsible for movement, physical activity, transport and motion etc., pitta  for pachana, digestion, transformation, conversion etc., while kapha dosha is responsible for upachaya, stability,strength, growth, union etc.


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1. why there are only three doshas?

Ans : Three doshas are formed by combination of pancha maha bhootas.
man is an epitome of Universe, anything in universe is present in human in minute form.
In universe, visarga adana and vikshepa are the three actions done by soma, surya and anila (vayu).
so, in body also same three functions are present.  it is done by Kapha pitta and vata respectively. As there is no other function or factor, dosha is only three. In case of vrana, rakta vitiates other dhatus in the body similar to dosha. so only in the context of vrana, rakta is called as dosha, to show its importance.

2. Differentiate dosha and dushya

Ans : dosha is the one which gets vitiated by any cause and vitiates other factors of the body. It has capacity to create ill-health by vitiating other factors of the body. Vata Pitta and Kapha are known as tridoshas.
Dushya is such factor in the body which gets vitiated by dosha. It can not vitiate any other factors of the body. 7 dhatus and malas are known as dushya. when they vitiate together, disease is formed. health is equilibrium of all these factors.

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