Anumana Or Inference

anumana is method of gaining inferencial knowledge, based on keen observation and logical thinking. It is the ancient research methodology explained through this topic. To check the reliability of the knowledge obtained, the hetu has to be evaluated. Hetu can be sadhetu, asad hetu or hetvabhasa. Sadhetu gives true knowledge. Hetvabhasa appears as a good hetu but gives false information. There are six types of hetvabhasa which should be ruled out by every seeker. When anumana is for oneself, it is called svarthanumana, if it is to be conveyed to others it is pararthanumana. For this panchavayava vakya is used, showing a systematic way of scientific presentation.


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1. Define Anumana

Ans : Most used प्रमाण is अनुमान. The definition of  अनुमान as per तर्कसंग्रह  is                                                   अनुमितिकरणम् अनुमानं |         Means to get knowledge termed अनुमिति  is अनुमानं . That is, the method to be adopted for gaining inferential knowledge is called अनुमान. It is further explained as,  अनु पूर्वं हेतुं दृष्ट्वा पश्चात मीयते इति अनुमानं||         During the process first the हेतु  is observed and then the knowledge is derived out of it. The way that knowledge is derived is told as                 अनुमानं खलु तर्को युक्त्यपेक्षया ||         A scholarly debate based on evidences about the हेतु or observation is the way to gain अनुमिति or inferential knowledge.

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