Introduction to Manuscripts and Manuscriptology

A country’s pride resides in its culture and heritage. It is evident from the richness of archeology, monuments, arts & crafts including manuscripts.It is estimated that India possesses more than five million
manuscripts, making the largest repository of manuscript wealth in the world. Though our ancestors had tried to preserve these manuscripts, thousands of such valued unpublished Indian manuscripts on varied subjects are lying scattered
or fragmented in India and foreign collections and some of these are no longer accessible to research scholars. 


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1. How to study ayurvedic manuscripts

Ans : The knowledge of Ayurveda is preserved in manuscripts. Its high time to protect them and extract the information. The science of study of manuscript is known as Manuscriptology. There are two steps involved in it. ie, Primary and Secondary steps.
 Primary step includes

  • collection,
  • conservation and
  • cataloguing of manuscripts.                                                  Wherein secondary step, it contains
  • transcription,
  • translation,
  • critical edition and 
  • publication.
  • digitalising becomes the primary need for study of manuscripts.

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