Chronological Development of Ayurveda - part 1

Glimpses of the concepts expounded in Ayurvedic Samhitas have been given. Whether their roots are found in earlier works and whether they have been revised and improved in subsequent periods is worth examining, so that a clear picture of the stage-wise historical development may emerge.The glimpses of Ayurvedic medical science are found in Rigveda, which indicates the conventional therapeutic practices in the society. Ashwini kumaras were denoted as ‘Devaanam Bhishajau’ that means the physicians of Devatas. They took the knowledge of medical science from Aatharvan Dadhichi. Some treatments performed by him, became miracle. After Rigveda, huge references are found in Atharva Veda.Categorical descriptions of Maulika Siddhanta viz. Tridosha Siddhanta, Panchamahabhoota Siddhanta, Sharir Kriya and Dravyaguna; Anatomical descriptions; descriptions about diseases and its treatments; Rasayana; Vajikarana; Visha Vigyan; Shalya and Shalakya; Bhootavidhya etc. are also found in Atharva Veda. The systematic development of an Independent Ayurvedic Medical science was started from Samhita Kala. 


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